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Via Maris is a Modernist Judaica brand based in New York City.

The idea for the company was born out of  the realization that it is nearly impossible to find Jewish objects — some of the oldest design objects in the world — designed in the Modernist tradition. The vast majority of Judaica available is usually too traditional and impractical, making the objects difficult to connect with in a contemporary context.

Via Maris aims to help Jewish people engage and re-engage with their faith and culture through a collection of refined, useful, and contemporary tools for observing traditions. We also hope to share our culture and these objects more broadly with people who are not Jewish and we welcome everyone and anyone here. 

Via Maris has a strong commitment to engaging in the Jewish process of Tikkun Olam, a Hebrew expression which can be simply explained as any activity that improves the world, bringing it closer to the harmonious state for which it was created. Our products and company strive to improve the world in four ways. 

1% Pledge 
Via Maris is committed to donating 1% of its annual sales to organizations that make our world a better place. Our current pledge is to Friends of the IDF.
Operating Consciously 
As a company that manufactures new objects, we have a responsibility to strive for as neutral an impact on the planet as we can. This task starts with designing and manufacturing well-considered and efficient-to-manufacture products which are poised to last lifetimes and easily be recyclable
Sourcing and Manufacturing Ethically 
It is important to us that the talented craftspeople who bring our products to life work in safe and formative workspaces. Our trusted suppliers and factories share these same core values. Our primary partner factory spearheads their own social responsibility program by engaging and working with their local community. The factory holds ICTI Certification, Global Security Verification, IAD & CNAS Quality Management System Certificate of Conformity, and is ISO 9001-2001 Quality Management certified.
Supporting Craftspeople
Our kosher mezuzah scrolls are ethically sourced and handmade for Via Maris in Israel by female Soferets. Historically female scribes had to write in secret, however today it is becoming more accepted for soferets to be open about their work and contributions to Judaism. We proudly support these women and their exquisite art.